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Introduction and Foreword
July 10, 02 - The "Resources" Section is nearly all complete. Check out the extensive gallery and the maps. If you find any errors (especially in the location of objects) on the big map, I would appreciate it if you can notify me. Links are added. First three chapters are in draft stage. The other Text arecoming up really soon as I've already got its backbond done as an AE entrie.

June 19 - This site is up! Contents are laid out. Front page graphics are nearly complete
In the lifetime of one man, the Mongol dominions grew from a malestorm of warring clans to an Empire stretching from the Yellow Sea to the Caspian Sea. After the death of is founder, Genghis Khan, the Mongols succeeded in what the empires of Alexander and Attila failed: it continued to expand. In a period of 80 years, it reached an eventual size five times that of Alexander's Empire, becoming the largest continuous land Empire in history.

No other conquest has ever been as spectacular as that of the Mongols. However, the Mongol Empire did not come about without bloodshed; and thus their apparent brutality and destructiveness has never been forgotten. But it is nearly impossible to whether the Mongol Empire was for the better or worse.

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 Full Contents

1. Overview
2. The steppes before Genghis Khan
Asia on the eve of the rise of Genghis
3. The rise of Genghis Khan
The early childhood and the war leading up to the Khuriltai of 1206
4. Conquests of Genghis Khan
-From China to the Caspian Sea
5. Conquests of His Successors
Ogedei, Guyuk, and Mongke: The Conquest of Russia, the Abbasid, and the invasion of Europe
6. Kublai Khan and the Pax Mongolia
The Reign of Kublai Khan and the conquest of China. The Empire at its zenith.
7. Decline and partition


Military History

1. Overview
2. Units, Tactics and Organization
3. The Horde vs. Sedentary armies
4. The Horde vs. Other Steppe armies
Great Battles

In-depth information:-
-The Conquest of the Kwarazm-Shah Empire
-The "Great Raid" into Russia
-The Conquest of Russia
-The Invasion of Europe
-The Conquest of the Abbasid (Middle East)
-The Invasion ofJapan
-South Asia Campaigns
 Other Campaigns


1. Biography of Genghis's early Life
2. The Legacy and effects of the
3. Mongol Conquest
Genghis Khan, the man
Other Biographies
5. Etymology of "Genghis/Chingis"
Government and Life in the Empire




1. Maps
2. Glossary
3. Picture Gallery 
3. Chronology
4. List of Rulers
5. Dynastic charts
6. Mongol Quotes