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Gallery 1: Manuscripts, Paintings, "Primary Sources"

  [1]: Chingis/Genghis Khan
  [2]: Ogedei Khan
  [3]: Kubilai Khan

[4] Temujin proclaimed Chingis Khan at the Khuriltai of 1206. (Manuscript of Rashid ad-Din)
[5] Chingis speaking to Persians (Persian Manuscript)
[6] Mongols battle Jin warriors (Manuscript of Rashid ad-Din)
  [7] Ascendsion of Ogedei Khan (from Rashid ad-Din)
  [8] Mongols besiege Baghdad (from Rashid ad-Din)
  [9] Mongols storm a Persian city
[10] Mongol Trebuchet (from Rashid ad-Din)
[11] Close up of [9]
[12] Marco Polo at the court of Kubiliai Khan. (Kubilai is drawn as a European)

[13] Naval combat of the invasion of Japan
[14] Hulagu
[15] Mongols and Hungarians fighting for control over the bridge at the battle of Sajo River. (The Mongols are drawn as Europeans)
[17] Chabi, Kubilai's wife


Gallery 2: Illistrations

  [1]: Chingis/Genghis Khan
  [2]: Chingis/Genghis Khan (Chinese ink drawing)
  [3]: Mongol heavy cavalry vs Teutonic Knights at the battle of Liegnitz. (by Angus McBribe in "The Barbarians"

[4] Mongol Light cavalry
[5] The Keshik (Imperial Guards) (from "Great Commanders")
  [6] Mongol cavalryman with the Nineband (Imperial standard)  
  [7] Chingis/Genghis Khan
  [8] Tribe leaders paying tribute to the Khan
  [9] Chingis Khan speaking at the Kuriltai of 1206
(Images from "Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings")

Gallery 3: Scenery, Locations

 [1]: The Steppes
 [2]: The Steppes during winter

  [3]: The steppes
  [4]: The Onon River
 [5] Hangzhou
 [6] Hangzhou
[7] Samarkand
[8] The Steppes